100w Kanlux DUPLO Electronic 12v DC LED transformer


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DUPLO LED 100W (19380)

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Professional 12v 100w LED Driver

• PRI: 220-240 V~; 50/60 Hz
• SEC: DC 8,3 A (12V); 0…100 W
• voltage stabilisation: 12 V DC
• maximum allowable temperature of a casing 75°C
• inbuilt short circuit protection
• inbuilt system of radio interference reduction

Safety Notice..

Specialist product - for professional use. Product designed for feeding low voltage
LED lamps (12V).
Technical changes reserved. Read the manual before mounting. Mounting should be
performed by an appropriately qualified person. Any activities to be done with
disconnected power supply. Exercise particular caution. Lighting circuit leads with
length ranging 0,3-2,0 m must be used. Product has a protective contact/terminal.
Failure to connect the protective lead may lead to electric shock. Do not use the
product in conditions and with parameters dierent from those specied in the
instruction. The person assembling the equipment is responsible for its safe
installation. Install only out of reach of your hands.