New Energy Labelling for LED

New Energy Labelling for LED
The new energy label applies to light sources and defines their energy efficiency class according to the new scale.
The energy efficiency classes used so far will be renamed and re-scaled: the scale from A ++ to E will change to scale from A to G.

One of the reasons is the elimination of (+++) advantages and the inability to properly label for increasingly efficient models.
So our light sources previously marked as A ++ will very often now be marked as e.g. E or F.

To help EU consumers cut their energy bills and carbon footprint, a brand new version of the widely-recognised EU energy label for light bulbs and other lighting products will be applicable in all shops and online retail outlets from Wednesday, 1 September 2021. The move follows the considerable improvement in energy efficiency in this sector in recent years, which has meant that more and more “light sources” (such as light bulbs and LED modules) have achieved label ratings of A+ or A++ according to the current scale. The most important change is the return to a simpler A-G scale.

EU Energy Commissoner Kadri Simson said: “Our lamps and other lighting products have become so much more efficient in the recent years that more than half of LEDs are now in the A++ class. Updating the labels will make it easier for consumers to see what are the ‘best in class' products, which in turn will help them to save energy and money on their bills. Using more energy efficient lighting will continue to reduce the EU greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to becoming climate-neutral by 2050.”

The new scale is stricter and designed so that very few products are initially able to achieve the “A” and “B” ratings, leaving space for more efficient products to gradually enter the market. The most energy efficient products currently on the market will typically now be labelled as “C” or “D”. A number of new elements will be included on the labels, including a QR code that links to an EU-wide database, where consumers can find more details about the product.