Advantages of LED filament bulbs

Advantages of LED filament bulbs

We all love to reduce power consumption but not at the cost of poor aesthetics. "my chandelier looked awful with opaque milky lenses of LED bulbs" complained Mrs Smyth "I need the clear glass bulbs that it was designed to take"

Now using LED filaments the COG bulbs look like more traditional light bulbs, instead of the light sources being hidden away inside a milky lens, the LED filament is proudly displayed in all its glory for all to see.

We are stocking 2 types of COG or LED filament in a COG E27 4w and a 2w E14adapter

Now all traditional light fittings can have a traditional, even retro-look LED lightbulb, even Mrs Smyths chandelier.


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      Charles Healy
      May 29, 2015

      Hi, I'm looking for led bulb with B27 fitting.

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      Future LED
      Oct 5, 2015

      Hi, Sorry, we have E27 and B22 but not B27. Email us and we will supply more info. Rgds

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      Tim Lehane
      Feb 11, 2016

      Hi,I'm looking to buy candle bulbs that are small bayonet type (SBC/B15's). There doesn't seem to be any of this type on your website. Am I missing something? I'd imagine these fittings are in every house in Ireland.