Kanlux RF RGB Controller + Remote

Kanlux RF RGB Controller

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Kanlux RF RGB Controller + Remote

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Product information

  • No line of sight required, operates on Radio Frequency
  • controller casing: aluminum alloy / remote control casing: plastic
  • controller operated by radio wave signals
  • controller programs - colours and transitions: 7 light colours (red, green, blue, turquoise, purple, yellow, white), allowing smooth mixing of colours; 14 sequential programs
  • one controller can operate up to 7 of the Kanlux RGB strip or 5 of the 60/m type.
  • You can use multiple controllers with 1 remote, Power up the controller and press the 'Match' button on the controller and press 'Brightness Up' on the remote and they will pair up in 5 seconds.
  • touch panel remote control with the range of 25 meters is included

Technical Parametres

  • 12v DC Supply
  • Rated current max 15a
  • IP20 - Protection against solid objects over 12mm
  • Applicable indoors
  • III Protection Class
  • Permitted mounting on flamable regular surface
  • Conformity with european standards