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RGB Strip signal amplifier

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€ 10.81

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Dimensions105 x 65 x 25mm
Voltage -12vDC

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For when you want to operate more than 1 strip of RGB strip with 1 controller.

  • Each Amplifier must be powered with enough current to power the next strip in line ie: if you are joining 2 x 5m strips you will need another transformer to power the  2nd strip and so on


Output power total: 144W

Working voltage: 12V

Max output current: 3 x 4A

Working temperature range: -30°~+75°

Connector type: Screw Terminal

Example of Wiring diagram for 2 x RGB strips using single Controller



Another example of Wiring diagram for 5 x 5m strips using single Controller

RGB Wiring Diagram